Fishing a swim jig for river bass

Swim jig bass

This river bass ate a swim jig fished just outside some flooded emergent vegetation during the post spawn.

With most baits or special techniques, the origins are often debated. As soon as one person or locale is attributed with creating something, you can bet someone or someplace else will claim they did the same thing 20 years earlier.

One fisherman who did a lot to make this bait and technique popular is Tom Monsoor of La Crosse, Wisconsin. And the body of water he did it on is the Upper Mississippi River. Monsoor didn’t actively promote the technique, but he did often credit a jig for his catches. The manner in which he was fishing the jig didn’t become common knowledge outside a relatively small circle of river anglers for quite some time. After stringing together a number of tournament wins, including the 2001 Everstart Northern Division event out of La Crosse, and three consecutive Wal-Mart BFL Great Lakes Division championships, the secret was pretty hard to keep under the rug. Continue reading