Corps studies plans to create Lake Pepin islands | Rochester Post-Bulletin

RED WING — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday brought another plan for Pool 4 of the Upper Mississippi River District. This one is designed to help reduce erosion and improve water quality in Lake Pepin, said study planner Sierra Keenan with the Corps.

“We’re in the early stages of this study,” Keenan said. The Corps is developing a plan that would place islands on the north side of Lake Pepin to provide habitat and help environmental stability in the lake. “The objectives we have are to improve habitat for waterfowl and aquatic vegetation.”

Other goals of the project would be to dredge a route for motorboats to Bay City, Wis., dredge the backwaters to improve habitat for overwintering fish and improve or create new islands along the north side of Lake Pepin.

Tuesday’s meeting at the Red Wing Public Library was designed to introduce the concept and gather public input. Keenan emphasized that the plan for islands in Upper Pool 4 was not related to the dredge material management plan for Lower Pool 4. The Upper Pool 4 plan would, at most, use about 1 million cubic yards of dredge material, while the Lower Pool 4 plan will need to move more than 10 million cubic yards over 40 years.


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